"I appreciated her dedication to detail [and] willingness to lean into difficult conversations. Julia was steadfast, uncompromising in her dedication to our work, and an important partner."

-Morgain MacDonald

"Julia was inspiring, intentional, and personable in her approach and work with us.  I felt that she genuinely wanted to understand our challenges and meet the organization where it was at."

-Kelsey Fischer

"Your time and skill really helped the organization build the foundation for a strong future by honing a new mission statement and articulating the values underlying it."

-Lisa Middents

"I loved working with Julia, both for her warm, personable style and for her keen ability to dissect, analyze and construct solutions to a complex task in a way that makes good sense. Julia leaves every project better than she finds it, and holds a steadfast commitment to ensuring equity is central to the work we do." 

-Ann Muno

"Julia developed a program which was culturally respectful and met the individual [board] members where they were. Members 

all felt like they were heard."

-Tess Bolosan

"Julia has lived much of that of which she speaks, so her deep resonance with both individuals and groups is authentic.  Perhaps the key to her effectiveness is the fact that she cares passionately for all the people with whom she works within this critical area of social justice."

-Chris Ferguson