Why Kagochi Consulting?

People of color centered

When we center the experiences of people of color, it requres a radical shift in power, voice and comfort. 

Anti-racism & Equity

Racial equity is intertwined in every aspect of this work. It is a process that calls out the systemic impact of our actions, and an outcome that we thrive for.

It's personal

This work is deeply personal.  We integrate personal and professional experiences to foster authentic and courageous spaces.

Lend Your Voice: An Opportunity to Shine

We are intentionally inviting community input for how a 29-acre property  can be used to support and strengthen youth and families impacted by foster care and adoption. Our partner organization, Amara, is a not-for-profit organization based in Washington state focused on the wellbeing of children and families who experience foster care and adoption. Please see attached flyers for more information.

*Above photos from our kick-off event in June 2019.

Amara LendYourVoice-OnePage-eng (pdf)


Amara LendYourVoice-OnePage-spanish (pdf)